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Coming from an Italian American family, The Feast of the Seven Fishes was a tradition in my grandparents. 


Christmas Eve was always a special and exciting time of the year, with the hustle and bustle and amazing smells coming from my grandmother’s kitchen. The feast always included the traditional fishes; baccala, calamari, eel, scungilli and smelt, as well as anchovy, and my grandmother’s speciality…baked haddock.  Tuna sandwiches were always offered for the less adventurous.  As kids, we were given a little bit of wine in the tiny, tiny, colorful wine glasses to make our Christmas Eve toast.


The tradition has changed over the years, but I try to keep the feast going for my family in my own way. Today I serve a seafood chowder on Christmas Eve.  I look forward to heading to the market to pick out my seven fishes, switching it up from year to year, trying out different seafoods and recipes… but I always including a tuna fish sandwich for the less adventurous!


9 x 12


Painted with oil on a birch wood panel in a black floater frame. Signed and wired on the back and ready for hanging! Your package arrives beautifully wrapped with special gifts included!


FREE shipping

Pick up at studio possible for local collectors. Contact me to make arrangements.


... just keep swimming



Seven Fishes

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