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Before I started dating my husband, I thought he was cool...kind of aloof...and handsome... think Paul Newman with a little John Kennedy Jr thrown in...too cool for a nerdy girl like me. I would see him often when he would come into the restaurant that I worked at, which was down the street from his house, but we never had much of a conversation.


One day I was trying to hang a banner at the front entrance for an art show I was having in the  upstairs rooms. I wasn't having any luck trying to hammer the nails in with the stapler I found at the waitress station, so Jeanne, the bartender, said "ask David Rooney...he has tools" 


So I did... and he reluctantly went to his truck and came back with a big, manly hammer. And as I stood on the ladder trying to maneuver this heavy tool, he walked back inside...never offering help.


Well, at that moment I didn't think he was so cool anymore...I thought he was kind of a jerk.


But as fate would have it, on one snowy, and very icy day in January, everything was shutting down. Everyone was leaving the resaurant because the power was out and everything was covered in a sheet of ice. In the parking lot I heard someone ask..."does anyone have an ice scrapper?" It was David. I looked in my car and handed him the first thing I could find...did I really just give him a Little River Band cassette case to clean his windshield?


It worked...and literally and figuratively...broke the ice.


We learned that we had so many things in common, our love for our families and for animals and the outdoors. He was funny and smart...and actually a little nerdy...which I loved. Sometimes you just need to take a closer look.



Closer Look

SKU: 25DOM2204
  • Oil and cold wax on birch panel

    Black floater frame, wired, and ready to hang.

    Signed and dated on back.

    Comes beautifully packaged with special gifts included!

    Free shipping

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