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We bought our house at auction. The kind of auction where the auctioneer stands on a stump and does that really fast bid calling voice. 


Before the main event took place, the entire contents of the house, garage and outbuildings were auctioned off. We decided to look around for anything (beside the house) of interest. David went towards the tools and I saw some interesting things that were brought out from the house. 


An older man came up to me and said "looks like you have your eye on that you play?" I said, "no, but my grandfather did." The man was an experienced bidder and gave me some really good pointers on bidding after learning that this was my first time and that we were planning on bidding on the house. I got my paddle and away I went. It was thrilling, but the bids quickly started to reach my limit. And when it ended, it was the man who encouraged me to bid who won, and walked away with the mandolin! I thought to myself..."this wasn't a good sign."


The bidding on the house finally began. The auctioneer stood on a crate in the back yard. A crowd gathered, some with paddles...including us. We were excited and scared...but we loved the house so we were all in. "Hum-in-a I hear 180...hum-in-a...185...hum-in-a...SOLD! We won! It was one of the best days of our lives.


A couple months later we were in our new home, scraping wallpaper, sanding floors, painting. We heard a car come down the driveway and went outside to see who it was. An elderly man walked toward us...the man from the auction. He handed me the mandolin and said..."this belongs to you"


Life comes full circle.





Circle Dance No. 3

SKU: 25DOM2206
  • 8 x 8

    Oil and Cold Wax on Panel

    Black painted edges, wired and ready to hang.

    Signed and dated on back.

    (colors vary in different lighting)


    Arrives beautifully packaged with a special gift enclosed!

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