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I shared a story recently about hiking in the woods near our home as a young girl, with my father, and being in complete wonderment as we spotted a goldfish swimming in the creek as we walked along the path.


I went back to look for that little fish many times…but never saw her again, and over the years have always kept an eye out for that glimmer of orange anytime I hiked near a pond or stream.


When my son was a little boy, we would go for hikes in the woods near our home. We would explore all the trails and paths and especially loved the ones near the water.


On one particular day, we found a new park to explore. One with lots of winding paths throughout the woods, all marked with labels like…bird sanctuary and marsh…but the one that intrigued us the most was marked…Creepy Pond. 


As we walked along, we laughed about the silly name, and made up stories about all of the creepy things we would find when we arrived. As we got closer, we both saw a glimmer of orange…a goldfish.


We ran the rest of the way, and to our amazement, it wasn't just one fish…there were HUNDREDS of goldfish! 


I think at this point I had tears in my eyes. We stood there in awe…what was this magical place? And as I watched my sons face light up with wonder, I couldn't help but think…life comes full circle.  




Circle Dance no. 2

SKU: 25DOM2203
  • 8 x 8

    Oil and Cold Wax on birch panel

    Burnished to a soft satin finish


    Signed and dated on back.

    Black painted edges, wired and ready to hang or to framed.

    (colors may vary in different lighting)


    Arrives beautifully packaged with a special gift enclosed!

    Free Shipping

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